by Billy Collins

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all instruments/sounds recorded in various basements, living rooms, and bedrooms. #3 recorded and produced with help from Paul Calo. All tracks mastered by Paul Calo and Billy Collins. Art by Nathan Wright, photo by Emily Nazario.

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released September 27, 2014

copyright 2014



all rights reserved


Billy Collins Boston, Massachusetts

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Track Name: Can't Do Nothing
lights are going down
bar is closing
all the regulars are leaving
you're just standing there
your body all glowing
you really got me steaming
i can't do nothing without your love

you remember those days?
me and jonny and the snake
i was young and drunk and you were the same
the big guy and the little guy were there
drinking outside mike sinclair's
you were young and drunk and you were there
i can't do nothing without your love
stick your tongue out all you want
Track Name: Smokespider
muted trumpets are playing in heaven
life is just a joke and you can tell it
there's a crowd i used to run with back when i was still a kid
now that i'm a fuckup they won't let me back in
i feel like a relic after 23 years
because i had to beat the shit out myself
to prove that i'm free
and i'm so tired of saying i love the head of this nation
instead of it's arms and it's body

so throw me a lighter and i'll blow you a smokespider
or throw me a line and i'll blow a line

the true coast seems far but i'll make it there i know
because i've got a car and with that i can last
cause when the worst in the world is the person you were
all you gotta do is drive to leave him in the past
the bone of the matter is that we've all be misused
and the years you thought were years were just flashes of dreams
its like closing your eyes for just a few moments
and a whole goddamn lifetime passes between

so send me a prophet and i'll throw my arms around her
or send me a fighter and ill be sure to fight her

right now i'm standing outside a railyard from where a brass band is playing
saint peter is taking bribes from mustardseed tweed suited men
and all eyes are on two naked angels
and they're fucking each other beneath an inverted rainbow
and they're sucking on tits and they're fingering each other
and everybody's dying to see whats gonna happen next
are they gonna tie the knot? or just say thanks alot
and walk off hoping that they ain't caught what the other's
surely got
Track Name: Tomorrow I'll Be Gone
yesterday went walking in a silver spring
saw a pretty maiden but i didn't say a thing
loving girls is easy when the bluebird sings
tomorrow i'll be gone
the king of broken dreams can wear an iron crown
bust it at the seams and bring the navy down
you know that things are getting better in another town
and tomorrow i'll be gone

i can speak for the liars and the ramblers of old
when i say its hard to keep drifting
and there's not a statue in a hall was ever painted and resold
when the money went missing

i heard the wooden boards lay over muddy water
saw another flash i ain't ever seen before
either i keep getting blinder or the days are getting shorter
and tomorrow i'll be gone
never had the fortune of a midas touch
just a car with dirty seats i didnt drive too much
they say the streets are getting blacker by the morning rush
and tomorrow i'll be gone
but if everything i've seen is really nothing at all
i think there's something to say for all that
and if this night keeps on getting brighter like it is
i'm gonna save it for the day that you get back
i'm gonna save it for the day that you get back

gonna loose her pretty hands from round my neck
do a line of pearls and deal a half a deck
you know i play a game for money just to leave a nervous wreck
and tomorrow i'll be gone
gimme something new, newer in the style
gimme metal boots and carve another mile
i daint got much to lose and death is like a smile
but tomorrow i'll be gone
tomorrow i'll be gone
tomorrow i'll be gone
tomorrow i'll be gone
tomorrow i'll be somwhere that i shouldn't be
tomorrow ill be looking for another me
and i'll find myself swimming in a deeper sea
tomorrow i'll be gone
Track Name: Creep In Your Heart
creep in your heart
creep in your heart
prepare the answers to questions asked before you knew me
the cobblestone door that withholds the beauty of a lonely deceiver
where shadows of stalkers stand vigil on corners and hound you
for answers
it has no watchman except for the eyes of a gatsby like demon
grasping at nothing, choking on sea flour
sick from the bile and the ocean's destruction
destroy your legends, destroy your visions
you pay with your life to never be lonely again

creep in your heart
i have not been there but i've got a roadmap and there we can start
we'll find it together then bury our love where x marks the spot
and untie the promises you made but never kept
deep in the dungeon a soul cries out from the oubliette
i can provide you with only a matchbox and a few words of inspiration
break off the match heads and fashion a lance
gut me and gore me, in love we leave nothing to chance

creep in your heart
deep in the junkyard salvage my love like a used auto part
the rust will not leave it but polish the same, polish the scars
and let go those strange and monstrous things you insisted we kept
a well with no bottom, the steepest pitch that a bitch likes you get
i have been driving for over an hour just for a chance at some adulation
i'll give you my car keys, i'll give you my new jeans
just creep in your heart and find me there, find me there, there!
Track Name: Do Right Blues
i'm gonna pack up my clothes
i'm gonna head out for france
honey i'm leaving before you get even
i ain't gonna give you that chance
i'm gonna walk across europe
i'm gonna walk to spain
honey i ain't staying long as you keep on saying
those hurtful words again

gonna do right by you
and you do right by me
and we'll have a love brave and free

not gonna cause no more trouble
not gonna cause no more scenes
just gotta steer clear if you stay around here
cause we don't know what quiet means
and i'm not saying i don't love ya
and i'm not saying i don't care
it's just this situations is fucked beyond repair
it's fucked beyond repair

gotta do right by you
and you'll do right by me
and we'll have a love brave and free lord, lord
we'll have a love brave and free

or else you can come with me
where's it that you wanna go?
as long as its warm and the drinks are real strong
i'll go, i'll go
and honey we can just stay there
and forget about all the bad times
we'll both cook the meals and wander the hills
that's fine, that's fine

gonna do right by me
and i'll do right by you
and we'll have a love brave and true, lord, lord
gonna do right by you
and you do right by me
and we'll have a love brave and free, lord, lord
we'll have a love brave and free
Track Name: A Tyrant's Song
of all the bars in cantorsville which cause old men to moan
and all the dogs that bark to kill a bird already flown
of all the sadness and remorse and all the money loaned
i've yet to find a peace of mind and yet to find a home
or candy coated kelly
with oil slicks for hair
sometimes she acts like she's not around
and nobody really cares

of all the girls i left behind and all their mother's pleas
the best i found was right at home and sleeping in the trees
a black tattoo of mickey mouse was painted on her back
a tyrant's song she sang to me of wedding dreams
no slack
my candy coated kelly
with dynamite for teeth
she seems to think that she's something else
but i think she's just too sweet

and i'm not worried about her future
because she always had a gift for songs
apologies are no excuse to her
i guess saying sorry doesn't mean that you weren't wrong
when all the oceans flood out and the land has come to naught
memories of kelly may be the one thing i've still got

of all the hills i never climbed and all the mountains same
the worst i've known was right at home
though i never knew its name
she sat atop and filled a pale with water from the moon
and as she fell i wondered if she'd be in heaven soon
my candy coated kelly
with kerosene for blood
we are apart now and she says we're two
but i still think of us
Track Name: When Are Things Gonna Change?
when is the weather ever gonna get warmer?
when are we gonna get out of this strange hotel?
i met an old friend out the street and he didn't remember my name
when are things gonna change?

how come the sun is still out at eleven o'clock?
why am i the only one thinks that's kinda weird?
it's been bleak as hell all day
why didn't it just stay that way?
when are things gonna change?

you said you liked it when i steered you and kissed you in secret
you cried in my arms and i picked you up just like a child
but as your moans faded away i awoke from my dreams to the day
when are things gonna change?